Welcome to the website for the No Place to Play exhibition. On this site, you will find the dates, locations, and times of our upcoming exhibitions as well as blog posts about our team’s production process. This is a traveling exhibition opening in April at the Monaghan Mill, Gallery in Greenville, SC. See the poster below for details about the event. In July, we take the show to the Redux Galler in Charleston, SC. In October, we are showing in Columbia, SC. Finally, in December we will conclude the series with a return to Clemson, SC.

The No Place to Play exhibition focuses on specific findings about gender taken from a large research study with the same name. The larger study was conducted by Dr. Lyndsey Deaton, a Professor of Architecture in the Architecture + Health program at Clemson University. The project links economic development policies to social inequality in gentrifying communities in South and East Asia by highlighting how spatial changes affect teenagers’ mobility and access to public space. The forthcoming book (2024) is written for concerned parents, policymakers, designers, and community advocates. In it, Dr. Deaton describes five years of living alongside seven dispossessed communities and builds a case for contextualized, community-driven design.

The exhibition was designed and constructed by a group of Clemson University students from a variety of majors including architecture, psychology, women’s leadership, and sociology led by Dr. Deaton. It is an artistic demonstration of the influence gender has on teenagers’ access to public space in post-displacement communities. The exhibition highlights  50 teens from seven communities in India and the Philippines. Walking through this exhibition, visitors will hear recorded conversations with teens and see maps and photographs they created to better understand how displacement affects teen socialization. Finally, join our team of Clemson students in considering the similarities between the teens’ experiences in this study and the urban public spaces around South Carolina.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon! Please continue to check back on our site for the latest information and follow us on the Clemson School of Architecture Instagram account @clemsonschoolofarchitecture



South Carolina Architectural Foundation

Next showing is Monday March 11, 2024!


Monaghan Mill Gallery
201 Smythe St,
Greenville, SC 29611

Next show: July 11, 2023



Redux Contemporary Art Center
1056 King St,
Charleston, SC 29403

July 28 – September 09, 2023


Center for Architecture
1530 Main Street, Suite C
Columbia, SC

March 11 – April 13, 2024

 JULY 28, 2023

Charleston Show, Redux Contemporary Art Center

The Charleston show was an unforgettable event, drawing a large and engaged audience  very interested in the performance. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Redux for graciously providing us with this incredible opportunity.

July 28, 2023

This morning, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for the tremendous amount of help we received. The collaboration was remarkable as students from the Clemson Architecture program, dedicated interns from Redux, and even Lindsey’s parents all came together to assist us in completing our exhibition. Their support and involvement have been invaluable, making this project even more special.

July 27, 2023

As the day comes to a close, we are pleased with the progress we’ve made, and we feel confident about our current status. Looking ahead with optimism, we are excited for tomorrow’s show.

July 26, 2023

Today, we began organizing the panels and repainting wherever necessary. We are fortunate to have an incredible group of interns from Redux assisting us, and we are truly amazed by their hard work and dedication. Their help is invaluable, and we are deeply grateful to them. Additionally, the young kids at Redux paid us a visit, saying hello and eagerly checking our progress to ensure we meet our deadline flawlessl

July 25, 2023

The truck has been fully loaded, and now Lyndsey is behind the wheel, heading towards Charleston.

July 24, 2023

We’re Thrilled to Announce Our Move to the beautiful city of  Charleston!

With everything packed, we’re set to arrive at Redux Contemporary Art Center. We eagerly anticipate meeting visitors at our exhibition and sharing our passion for “The Third Place” with this vibrant community on Friday, July 28!

Join us for an unforgettable experience where art and creativity come together in the heart of Charleston. See you there!”

 JULY 11, 2023

Greenville Show, Monaghan Mill

Two additional shows at Greenville, SC, to accommodate the high level of interest from the local community and beyond, June 20 and July 11, 2023.

 JUNE 20, 2023

Greenville Show, Monaghan Mill

 APRIL 22, 2023

Greenville Show, Monaghan Mill

On April 22, the Monaghan Gallery in Greenville hosted an exceptional exhibition featuring the thought-provoking collection of “No Place to Play.” The event drew a remarkable audience from various communities, including faculty and students from Clemson University and their accompanying friends and family members.

The exhibition fostered engaging conversations within the gallery space, leading to valuable insights regarding the optimal location for the envisioned third place attached to a tree.

APRIL 1, 2023

We have three weeks to go and we’re strategizing about the next steps. We’ve been plastering community spots with advertisements and continuing to work on the graphic designs for the exhibition. 

We did it! Thanks to Graham, Jackson, and Lyndsey for doing the “heavy lifting” (pun intended) and moving these heavy panels from the BEL to the Monaghan Gallery in Greenville. We moved 20 completed panels. We’re halfway there!

MARCH 25, 2023

It’s our last day of Spring Break and a big day of finishing panel construction, painting, touch-ups, and moving then to the gallery!

MARCH 24, 2023

Jackson and Jack are on the scene to apply a second coat and touch up our finished panels! We’ve got 20 constructed and 13 painted. Almost halfway there!

MARCH 23, 2023

Moving right along. Hannah is leading the team assembling the A-frames while Jackson and Graham continue production on the panels. Lyndsey is finishing the process by painting away in the booth outside.

MARCH 21, 2023

We’ve got our process down and we’re making huge progress. Panels are constructed, painted, and then returned to dry! We’ve got three painted and seven more put together. Only 30 left to go! 

After constructing panels, Khin and Lyndsey built a paint booth. It was a messy job, but we managed to get our first set up panels painted and dry!

MARCH 20, 2023 | It’s SPRING BREAK! We’re blasting this week with long days of building, painting, (eating), and moving our panels! We’re five weeks away from our premier at the Monaghan Gallery in Greenville!

MARCH 19, 2023

We’re cranking away at the BEL. Elly took the lead building panels while Cindy  worked the drill press. Jackson  jumped on the chop saw and produced 100 cross-members!

MARCH 14, 2023

Since our team needs to construct 40 A-frames to display our work, we decided to build a jig for streamlining the process! It took some time to work out the measurements and details but now we can build a panel in just 7 minutes!

MARCH 9, 2023

Today we built a prototype of our A-framed panels. These will be used to shape the experience!

FEBRUARY 27, 2023

We toured the Clemson Built Environment Laboratory (BEL) with Dan Harding and identified where we will start to build our exhibition. The BEL is a 12,000 square foot building and is the hub of built environment teaching and research on campus.  The focus of BEL is developing efficient building and bridge materials and systems. The Structural testing area (within BEL) is a 60’ by 100’ high bay facility with a 2400 square foot strong floor and is designed to test large structural members.  The lab is equipped with closed loop hydraulic and screw-driven actuators for applying loads, BRERWULF for applying static and fluctuating air pressures, an air cannon for missile impact studies, a universal test machine for testing small components, and data acquisition equipment to measure and record data (stresses, loads, accelerations and deformations).  In addition, the lab serves as the home base for mobile instrumentation lab for testing highway bridges. Find out more about the BEL here. Thanks, Dan!

FEBRUARY 10, 2023

Today some of our team got to meet with Dr. Craig Wilkins, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. We talked about place, space, and the value of community-led design. Thanks, Craig!

JANUARY 28, 2023

Dr. Todd Brown, 2021-23 Race and Gender in the Built Environment Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, joined us for a Saturday workshop! As an environmental psychologist, he reviewed our exhibition design and taught us how environmental cues—such as architectural design features and other physical properties—are used in the development of one’s socio-spatial imaginary of urban space. Thanks, Todd!

Our crew: Alex, Hannah, Luke, Zack, Khin, Dr. Deaton, and Willow! We’re making panels and putting them together!