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“I am inspired by the capacity of design
to empower communities.”

Educated as an architect, planner, and urban researcher, Lyndsey Deaton is principally an urbanist, whose specialty is the study of cities, their public spaces, and their design as modes of social production, reproduction, and resistance.



Architecture is both a powerful anticipation and the everyday material realization that we live in.


Curiosity stimulates creativity, play, and wonder.



Engaging architectural and qualitative methods to answer questions about social sustainability in the city.


Contributing to the academic discourse.


Functional “pop-art” that opens up emerging theories and research concepts to the broader public.


I’m interested to hear from you.


My approach to architecture and urban design is rooted in respect for the local community’s tacit knowledge of place. We work collaboratively develop solutions that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.


In the past 10 years, I have taught over 1,000 professional, graduate, and undergraduate students with real-world, hands-on opportunities that allow them to find, strengthen, and refine their voice across the design professions.


How will we build and adapt our public spaces to address the social and environmental pressures straining rapidly growing urban areas? What can public spaces tell us about social sustainability and design?


Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Lyndsey was clear, approachable, helpful, and organized throughout the term. Her hard work and exceptional competence are apparent."

– Graduate Serena Lim

"Lyndsey was a good instructor, she was engaging and could relate to us on a personal level and what we were going through. She was helpful when giving advice for our POE and she worked really hard to help me out when I couldn't get my InDesign to work which showed she really cared about our work and success."

– Undergraduate Rihana Barrer

"Overall I found Lyndsey's teaching style to be extremely helpful and informative. She made sure to give us additional resources which I really appreciated. She also structured lab time to fit the needs of the students so that each section was used effectively."

– Undergraduate Aubrey Moore

"Lyndsey, I think you're a great teacher, especially this subject. Your manner, your experience, your happy and inclusive attitude... all make for a pleasant and positive learning experience. Thank you."

– Graduate Anonymous

"Lyndsey invested extensive time and energy into the studio course to improve our architectural comprehension and design development. She organized activities that related to our project, provided us with useful, outside resources, and introduced us to new information by giving small lectures during the studio. For example, Lyndsey asked a Ph.D student to come to talk to me about land-form architecture, which inspired my parti and other design decisions."

– Undergraduate Carly Bushma

"Did a great job of making students feel an investment in architecture. Helped students to balance ideas and reality. Did an exceptional job of creating a comfortable studio community and environment."

– Undergraduate Eli Cox-Skall

"Overall she was very very organized which really helped us to manage our time more effectively. She also pushed us and allowed our ideas to really come out during the studio. Her advice was also very good during critiques."

– Undergraduate Harley Elliott

"Lyndsey is incredibly organized. It can not be overstated how influential the simple organization of a course can be in affecting a student's success. Besides that, Lyndsey made herself abundantly available for communication outside of class which made getting through the requirements and demands of the class much easier."

– Undergraduate Zachariah Petett

"Lyndsey was incredible at understanding what the students are going through and being flexible. She made the class fun while also pushing us really hard to be the best that we can be."

– Undergraduate Ryan McGowen

"The Contractor has provided exceptional quality to the execution of the final reports to create the Center Master Plan. Also, as part of the final deliverables, the Contractor helped to develop a presentation for the mission Support Council which exceeded expectations with both quality and execution schedule. They made every effort to improve the presentation until the vision for the presentation (which was a moving target) was met."


"The project manager [Lyndsey Deaton] was highly knowledgeable, effective, and maintained close communication throughout the life of the project. In fact, [Lyndsey] was able to maintain consistency with this project and help NAVFAC seamlessly transition project managers in the middle of the project. [She] was able to adeptly address the technical aspects and transparently convey the formula for determining the space requirements to the customer."


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